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  • Leicester City v Manchester United | Key Moments | Quarter-Final | Emirates FA Cup !
  • Leicester City v Manchester United | Key Moments | Quarter-Final | Emirates FA Cup .

Eric Bown Πριν μήνα What a fantastic team the foxes are Daniel Mathias Πριν μήνα Poor man utd. Aidan Potterton Πριν μήνα again Ole proved he has not the experience or vision to win big moment games, trophies. Jean Cridge Πριν μήνα Weergfdrtrdg a few qq. Takdalah power sgt MU ni.

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Vardy 9 Chelsea E. Mendy 16 GK R. James 24 A. Rudiger 2 Thiago Silva 6 B. Chilwell 21 M. Mount 19 M. Kovacic 17 C. Hudson-Odoi 20 K. Havertz 29 C. Pulisic 10 T. Abraham 9. Giroud Werner pulisic ziyech Kova Kante Chilwell zouma silva james. Mendy Explanations. Werner in James in for Azpi if we are playing a team with fast players but almost always should be Azpi. Why not convert Ziyech to a midfielder and see wether he can perform,that is why I said that lampard is a pre mature to coach Chelsea.

Lampard should make his players watch Burnley playing to their lives. Most chelsea players right now let everyone invading all the space they want. I'm sure Jurgen Klopp laughed in his heart, considering a Lampard said about the title against him, Mr. Lampard should behave like an amateur coach who hasn't given anything, considering a Klopp who has given a prestigious title to his club.

The Last time Chelsea won, Arsenal fans were undergoing the fate of winless run.

It seems like it time to undergo the same way for chelsea. Dear Frank Lampard. Its not all about the players, we have top players and decent depth.. And this game "cluelessness" i bet from lack of simulation training. I remember someone said petr cech always watch everyones penalty kicks to, preferences and all. The boys need that kind of training.

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No ziyech in the line up and you think it s a solution to bench the best player fortunately for ziyech he didn t play this poor game performance weakest performance nothing created no team a lot of favoritism just let ziyech in the bench better I hope he ll find a better team soon while he ll be a leader player as he always was from childhood. Is their any coach from England that has won champions league or even premier league? Losing in motivation? Or what?

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We should get a throphy after that transfer cant bealive it! Can sm1 tell me the name of the song played on the ground before this match The song after right here right now by Fatboy slim. I'm just a passive fan of Chelsea, but it seems to me that Giroud was more productive and works better with Pulisic than other striker combinations up front.

Lampard is not qualified to be Chelsea manager,even if he want to perform is better he bench all the new boys he brought and use those that qualified him on champions league. I believe every game deserves an improvement and optimism attached to making good use of the substitution at the right time. Facebook Tweet.