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It was included in Literarischer Nachiass, of which more will be said later. In this thesis, Marx still fully adhered to the Hegelian idealist point of view. In Marx wrote articles for Rheinische Zeitung Cologne , among them a criticism of the free-press debate in the Sixth Rhenish Diet, an article on the laws concerning the stealing of timber, another in defence of divorcing politics from theology, etc. In , under the editorship of Marx and Arnold Ruge, there appeared in Paris Deutsche-Franzosische Jahrbücher, in which this transition was finally made. Against Bruno Bauer and Co.

Petersburg, , the other by Vesinik Znaniya, St. Petersburg, In Marx wrote a number of articles most of which have not been collected, republished, or translated into Russian in the papers Vorwärts, Deutsche Brässeler-Zeitung ; Westphalisches Dampboot Bide. Lvovich, one by Alexeyeva, and one by Prosveshcheniye, all in In the Speech on Free Trade was published in Brussels Russian translation available , followed by the publication in London, in collaboration with Frederick Engels, of the celebrated Manifesto of the Communist Party, which has been translated into probably all the languages of Europe and into a number of other languages there are about eight Russian publications referring to and ; by Molot, Kolokol, Alexeyeva, etc.

His numerous articles for that paper, which to this very day remains the finest and unsurpassed organ of the Revolutionary Proletariat, have not been collected and republished in full. The most important of them were included in Literarischer Nachiass. Wage-Labour and Capital, published in that paper, has been repeatedly issued as a pamphlet four Russian editions, by Kozman, Mobot, Myagkov, and Lvovich, and ; also from the same paper The Liberals at the Helm published by Znaniye Publishers in their Cheap Library, No. In Marx published, in Cologne, Two Political Trials two speeches in his own defence by Marx, who was acquitted by a jury when facing trial on the charge of having violated the press law and called for armed resistance to the government.

Russian translations are available in five publications brought out in and by Alexayeva, Molot, Myagkov, Znaniye, and Novy Mir. The most important articles published therein were later included in Literarischer Nachiass. Malykh, Library, No. Petersburg, ; also Thoughts and Views of the 20th Century, St. Petersburg, , Oct. From August until ,[1] Marx was a regular contributor to the New York Tribune, where many of his articles appeared unsigned, as editorials. Most outstanding among these is a series of articles, Revolution and Counter-Revolution in Germany, which were republished after the death of Marx and Engels in a German translation a Russian translation is available in collections translated by Bazarov and Stepanov, and then, in pamphlet form, in five editions brought out in by Alexeyeva, Obshchestvennaya Poiza, Novy Mir, Vseobshchaya Biblioteka and Molot.

From the end of , and during , Marx contributed to the Neue Oder-Zeitung and in to the Viennese paper Presse. This material is far from having been analysed or even collected. The document appeared in in London, as a pamphlet entitled The Civil war in France Russian translations: one edited by Lenin, Molot Publishers, and others.

Between and Marx corresponded with Kugelniann, a member of the International two Russian translations: one by A. Goikhbarg, the other edited by Lenin. Volumes 2 and 3 were published by Engels in and , after the death of Marx. The Russian translations: Vol. Gurvich and L. Zak, edited by Struve; 1st ed. Volumes 2 and 3 appeared in a translation by Danielson less satisfactory and in another under the editorship of Bazarov and Stepanov the better.

Petersburg, Vol. Gurvich, Moscow, Marx and F. Engels and Others to F. Sorge and Others two editions in Russian; one edited by Axeirod, another published by Dauge, with a preface by Lenin ; Theorien fiber den Mehrwert, three volumes in four parts, Stuttgart, , which is the manuscript of the fourth volume of Capital and published by Kautsky only the first volume translated into Russian; in three editions; St.

Petersburg, , edited by Plekhanov; Kiev, , edited by Zheleznov, and Kiev, , edited by Tuchapsky. The list of Russian translations of Marx is no doubt incomplete especially with reference to pamphlets that appeared in The literature on Marx and Marxism is very extensive. The Narodnik attitude towards Marx should be considered a peculiarly Russian variety of revisionism. Heft, [2] , pp. I—III,[3] Jena — For a detailed bibliography on Marxism see also Bibliographic der [4] Soztalwissenschaften, Berlin.

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  7. Jahrgang 1, , u. See also N. Rubakin, Among Books Vol. We mention here only the most important bibliographies.

    Liebknecht, Karl Marx, 2nd ed. Petersburg, ; P. Petersburg, , pages, a collection of articles by Y. Nevzoroy, N. Rozhkov, V. Bazarov, Y. Steklov, A. Finn- Yenotayevsky, P. Rumyantsev, K. Renner, H. Roland-Holst, V. Ilyin, R. Luxemburg, G. Zinoviev, Y. Kamenev, P. Orlovsky, M. Tagansky; Franz Mehring, Karl Marx. Zum Todestag des Meisters,[9] Berlin, Kovalevsky in Vestnik Yevropy, , No. On the question of Marxist philosophy and historical materialism the best exposition is given by G. Plekhanov, For Twenty Years, St. Petersburg, , 3rd ed.

    Petersburg, ; Fundamental Problems of Marxism, St. Petersburg, , and other works.

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    Petersburg, ; also his Historical Materialism and Philosophy, St. See also Historical Materialism, St. Petersburg, , a collection of articles by Engels, Kautsky, Lafargue, and many others; L. Axelrod, Philosophical Sketches. Jahrgang, , 3. Heft, S. Rudolph Stammier a Kantian , Wirtschaft und Rechi nach der materialistischen Geschichtsauffassung,[14] 2nd ed. See also the polemic between A. Bogdanov, V. Bazarov and others, on the one hand, and V. Ilyin, [15] on the other the views of the former being contained in An Outline of the Philosophy of Marxism, St. Petersburg, ; A. Zasulich, St.

    Petersburg, ; Hermann Gorter, Der historische Materialismus,[16] Petersburg, ; S. Prokopovieb, A Critique of Marx, St. Likewise: Levy, Feuerbach, a work about one of the main philosophical predecessors of Marx. Petersburg Dyelo , A representative of so-called revisionism among Marxists, as regards the agrarian question, is Eduard David, Socialism and Agriculture Russian translation, St.

    For a critique of revisionism see V. See also the following books by V. Petersburg, ; Economic Essays and Articles, St. Petersburg, , deviates from Marxism on important points. A criticism of the economic doctrine of Marx, from the point of view of the so-called marginal utility theory that is widespread among bourgeois professors, is contained in the following works: Böhm-Bawerk, Zum Abschluss des Marxschen Systems[21] Berlin , in Staatswiss. A ibeiten, Fesigabe für K. Knies , Russian translation, St. Die Intensität d.

    Arbeit, Tvert u.