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To this very day, no cost-benefit analysis for the state has been done by the Irish government for any of these multi-billion dollar projects. Shell had lost the argument and were looking nasty having sent five people to jail.

The hostile and inaccurate reporting from most of the media which accompanied the Garda action is hardly a coincidence. RTE coverage has been strikingly biased at times. For example, coverage of the press conference at Bellanaboy last Monday, at which five elected TDs were intimidated at close quarters by Garda filming — even while being filmed themselves by our national broadcaster — was atrociously unrepresentative of the actual event.

The shocking revelation by a local business man that he had been offered 15K Euro to support the Shell project and told that nobody would have to know anything about it, should have been at the top of the RTE news coverage and front page headline news in every national newspaper the following day. Instead it has passed by with barely a murmur. Ciaran Murphy, a former army officer and member of the Air Corp, stressed that this was the means by which Shell were attempting to divide the local community — with secret bribes.

What additional pressures will have been brought to bear on the media? It is highly unlikely that Shell have been idle in that direction - or are the likes of Paul Williams only too pleased to prostitute themselves to foreign corporates at the expense of his fellow Irish citizens?

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Kevin Myers has long since descended into a complete parody of the ranting buffoon that he is, but he excelled even himself in recommending a baton charge in Bellanaboy. And what, as ever, about the newspapers owned by Sir Anthony? Hardly, as we are all so weary from pointing out. Shell to Sea have also been accused of being hijacked by Provo sympathisers — a completely unfounded accusation. Shell to Sea have met seven times with the government appointed mediator, Mr Cassells, despite their misgivings about the severely limited terms of that mediation.

The central safety concerns have not been adequately addressed — despite the claims of government and Shell to the contrary and the relatively minor concessions that they were forced to make previously.

Shell Oil slams Irish People

This tactic of offering essentially false mediation in these situations is a well-worn one, whose only objective is to paint the objectors into a corner where they appear unreasonable. Now we have also heard from Minister Dempsey that he and others have received death threats. Frankly, that claim is simply not credible if it is being suggested that Shell to Sea are responsible. The only violence in this situation has been the violence dealt to the protestors — not the other way around. At one of the regular Shell to Sea meetings held last Sunday night it was a striking experience to witness how composed and constructive local people were in the face of the physical and media violence that is now being done to them and their community.

They are adamant that they will do nothing to discredit themselves and are understandably offended at what Shell and the government are now doing and also at how they are being portrayed in the media. Will Shell to Sea in Mayo re-invigorate the democratic process or will it be the death knell of all future civil involvement in the management of our natural resources and amenities?

The exploration and other companies have only one simple point to take on board: that they must conduct their business without endangering or destroying local communities. They have simply to invest what would be a tiny fraction of their profit even at a couple of billion dollars to secure the harmonious outcome that Shell to Sea and the people of County Mayo are anxious to see. If our government have conducted themselves foolishly in this matter, let the people of Ireland show these circling corporate sharks that we will be treated with the respect we deserve, after all.

Large scale construction and oil services were the two pillars on which this giant company was built. Routinely the government handed out handsome "cost plus" contracts, e.

This eliminates risk for the contractor and erodes the necessity to eliminate wasteful billing which, says the author, is "great for the contractor, not so great for the taxpayer. By this firm was the largest employer in South Vietnam. Yet even then there was an obvious downside to relying so heavily upon the private sector to perform the clear government function of waging war: motivated by the lust for profit their employees were "manipulating currency and selling goods on the black market," among other transgressions.

At one time, for example, progressive formations e. But as profitable as it had been, when Dick Cheney left the Pentagon in the s to become head of Halliburton, this company was catapulted to a new level of profitability. A staunch conservative, while a member of Congress Cheney avidly opposed imposing sanctions against apartheid South Africa while pushing aggressively for sanctions against socialist Cuba. Before leaving the Pentagon, which he headed during the administration of George H. Bush, he accelerated the privatization of core military functions in a way that — coincidentally — aided the company he was about to lead.

The company did everything from build the [military] camps to deliver the mail, with hour food service and laundering.

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It provided firefighting services, fuel delivery, sewage construction, hazardous material disposal, and the maintenance and delivery of equipment. He pushed through a merger with Dresser Industries, a profoundly disastrous maneuver, given the backbreaking liability for asbestos related lawsuits that this company carried. Coincidentally — that word again — Dresser was "the company that gave George H. Bush his first job. That is not all. The company was accused of bribing a "Nigerian tax authority in exchange for contracts to build a liquefied natural gas plant.

After Cheney left, Halliburton stock plummeted precipitously and given the millions of stock options that he still holds, this jeopardized his own personal fortune, not to mention the fortunes of his fellow executives with whom he had become quite close.

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  6. Though the author does not stress this, his study reveals a critical fault line within state monopoly capitalism. For when Halliburton began to feed ravenously at the government trough, other firms in the same business became angrily resentful, which helped to fuel congressional investigations and adverse publicity. For example, during the Reagan years, Bechtel was the government contractor of choice, as suggested by the prominent role in his administration played by two of their former executives — former Secretary of State George Schulz and former Pentagon chief, Caspar Weinberger.

    Johnson during the New Deal. It was all done by controlling the chairman of key Senate Committees and having their people holding key posts in the government such as Secretary of the Navy, Secretary of Defense and Secretary of the Treasury. Not that this is common knowledge.


    However, the web has undermined this project. The key point made by Bryce and Briody is that this is really an economic issue. The politics of all this is about making money out of their ideology. It does not matter who the US is fighting, it is the spending this goes on it that is important. Most is spent with companies based in Texas.

    In John F. Kennedy tried to deal with the Texas stranglehold over government policy. However, he underestimated the power of the Suite 8F Group. What does the dizzying scope of corruption say about how laws are made and who really owns the U. Bill Moyers and his team of investigative journalists untangle the web of relationships, secret deals, and political manipulation to open a disturbing window on the dark side of American politics. Bush- not my fault. Millions of evangelical Christians in America have taken on care of the environment as a moral and biblical obligation.

    They believe that as Christians it is their duty to oppose global warming, the loss of species, and toxic chemicals in the air, food, and the water. But many of their brothers and sisters in the faith disagree with their stance - some because the perceived imminence of the End Times and the Rapture makes stewardship unnecessary. The USA used the toxic defoliant to unmask guerrilla fighters by stripping forest cover. But children are still being born with terrible deformities.

    Families are denied compensation from the USA. The USA denies responsibility. First, they poisons you with their Chemicals. Then, they will help you with their drugs for an exorbitant price. Rumsfeld was also the Secretary of Defense under President Ford. Ashcroft's contribution from Monsanto was five times that of any other congressional hopeful. Ashcroft, and Sr. Bush Supreme Court appointee Clarence Thomas were instrumental in gaining Food and Drug Administation FDA approval for Monsanto's controversial artificial sweetener aspartame, which has been linked to over ailments that include Alzheimer's disease, juvenile diabetes, depression, epileptic seizures, blindness, memory loss, excitability, weight gain, multiple sclerosis and lupus The Idaho Observer, November, Secretary of Agriculture Ann Veneman was on the board of directors of Calgene Pharmaceutical, another company currently owned by Monsanto.

    Secretary of Health Tommy Thompson is the fourth member of the Bush cabinet to have direct ties to Monsanto. Bovine growth hormone, which does increase the productivity of dairy cows, has also been linked to many health problems in children and adults The Idaho Observer, November, and makes cows sick. Bovine growth hormone has been outlawed in most countries, but not the U. And as Cohen points out, another player in the Monsanto-studded Cabinet is Rep.

    Pombo is also a Monsanto boy, having taken campaign money from it while stalling a bill to make labeling mandatory for milk or milk products containing Bovine Growth Hormones. Pombo helped kill the bill in committee. Monsanto has proven to be one of the most greedy, ruthless and environmentally irreverent corporations in world history. Also, offer baskets gardens, dish gardens, novelty baby planters and Uniccshop bazar sort.

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